NEW BMW Ordered..yet Im ????...LOL!

  1. So my kids are alot older (Almost 12 and 18 yrs!)and I dont think I need an SUV as much anymore..I have the BMW SUV and I ADORE IT.I like to get a new car every 2-3 years...cuz I get bored.Im on my fourth BMW and I will only buy them!!I LOVE THEM!
    So I ordered a SEDAN!The ALL WHEEL DRIVE type so Ill at least be safe in the snow like my SUV is.Its on its way from Germany,its black with brown leather interior
    Should be here by March 1.
    For the FIRST TIME ever,....Im actually not wanting to get rid of my SUV?I have no idea why.Its just served me so well the last three years and Ive never had a prob with it.

    Am i DUMB to switch to a sedan.????..I honestly feel its time and Ill love it once I get used to it.(My first 3 BMW's were sedans!)
    What to do?
  2. Jill, don't be sad! The sedan will be sexier, faster and will take less gas!

    That means more money to spend on handbags!
  3. Oh Jill...I LOVE BMW's too...DH had one of the older ones when he was stationed in Germany and drove the heck out of it...and loved that old blue haired ladies would zoom by him on the autobahn in their BMW's too...LOL....I can't wait til I can get a new car cause it will def be a BMW :biggrin:

    Can you keep both? I mean do you have to sell or trade in the SUV when the sedan comes? I love sedans but I also love SUV's, but if you don't need an SUV at all, ever again, then it seems to be a good switch! Maybe you need to wait to think more about it until it actually comes next month (same day I come home from Arizona, so it is coming up in a few weeks!!!!) and sit inside your new car...and drive it around...:biggrin:
  4. I have the Hummer 2 now and I am also thinking of switching because it waste so much gas! but I think I will regret it...I want the new GMC hybrid, but I love my H2...

    I dont blame you its a very hard decision:s
  5. Which sedan? That is the question.
  6. Hey, don't worry. If you don't like the sedan I'd be glad to take it!!
  7. ^I can see Jill driving the 760iL :graucho: Nothing's sexier than an V12....
  8. I don't know Jill.. I love the new X5s, they drive soo well. But if you no longer have a use for a SUV, then I think a sedan is the right choice. I have the 325 and love how much smoother the car drives than an SUV. Which sedan did you get?
  9. No way, SUVs are fun and all, but to really open up a BMW, you need a sedan ! :graucho:
  10. I had a BMW X5 and LOVED IT!!!! so I totally understand, but I know you will learn to completely love your new car too :smile:
  11. Yes i want to know which sedan too!! Suv's are such gas hogs, i love my family's suv too but i hate paying for the gas. Its also not great for the environment either.
  12. I have an x3 and ADORE it. I have to get a new car in a few months though when my lease is up, and I'm dreading it. Not really sure if I want a 3 series, and I have no need for a SUV any more. It's only me and I don't commute back and forth to college like I used to. I'm going to be in the same position as you pretty soon.:sad:
  13. thanks guys!
    Its funny how attached i am to the SUV....I NEVER get attached to my cars...ever!!
    cant keep two cars to myself!(I wish..But Tays private school is killing the extra funds i have!ROFL!AND I already got the tuition bill for next year which INCREASED ALOT!LOL!)
    I have to say the one thing I will miss is being able to load groceries in the back of the SUV with ease.Where in a sedan...u have to bend over,reach in and the trunk is way smaller too.hmmmm....LOL!
    i came really close to a convertible but I have to b realistic with being a GLAM MA...and toting the baby around.I nearly got another SUV ..but I dont want to base my car decision over watching my daughters baby either.For all I know,she may eventually move back to FLA...and I wont need the SUV anyway...
  14. haha oohh I am biased. I am a faithful BMW suv owner..i feel so weird driving my dad's sedan or something. I drive an's a smaller version of the X5. I'm assuming you have an X5? Maybe you could downsize to an X3..still has all the style and sportyness of a SUV but it's smaller and takes less gas!
  15. I sincerely wish I had your issues... !