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  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. This one isn't for bags only. Its a $1,000 shopping 'spree' (who here calls $1,000 a spree?!) that they are giving away daily until New Years Eve. Now you get an extra try for each email address you send to them. I figure, if I had EVERYONE's email address on the Forum, I'd be a shoo-in to win. But, barring can go to the site yourself.

    So far, I've won a second chance to play and free shipping. Woo-wee!
  2. haha I kept winning the free shipping, second chance, and 10% off last time. Damn...I hope I win the $1000, its not a spree, but it would get a few xmas present out of the way :biggrin:
  3. $1000 can get a few gifts here and there. I definitely need it. My funds are LOW and I'm not even done with half of my list!!!
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