New Bluefly info.

  1. Ok, so maybe this has been posted, but I called Bluefly, their rep. told me that they get most of their bags from venders in NYC. Then he asked for the item number (I was just praying it was real, can't blame me, can you?) then he made a great observation - usually our bags come with authenticity cards, these don't! Intertesting, no? I hope whoever bought these for Bluefly gets in trouble and I hope they get rid of these fake bags!
  2. Interesting, indeed.

    Did you get the rep's name? At least he admitted it.
  3. Oh boy, terribly shady of Bluefly to make such a mistake. I bought one of the Fendi Spry hobo's and am very paranoid. I'll definitely be taking pictures to get help with verifying the authenticity.
  4. Did he say WHY the bags don't have authenticity cards?? Did he guarantee that they were authentic nonetheless? This is really shady. I'm really disappointed in Bluefly right now. :sad:
  5. He said the bags were authentic, but you know he's told to tell people that. I was concerned when he said they come from venders in NYC. (No offense New Yorkers!).

    This is a bag that I got awhile ago. I'm sure its the real thing, but I've noticed that it didn't state in the ad that authenticity cards were included - even though they were. I think though that customer service should know whether or not they are included, right?

  6. My kate spades were both real from Bluefly. I haven't purchased anything else though.
  7. No, he even agreed with me that it was wierd that they didn't and he didn't know why they didn't have them.
  8. ^ That's good news, at least they noticed & admitted one thing that's wrong about these latest b-bags
  9. That's interesting because when I called to complain that they were fake, they said that they DID come with authenticity cards (which doesn't mean anything anyways, but...)
  10. and i just called and she seemed to know nothing about it. she claimed a supervisor would call me back. i also emailed. we'll see...i'm sure a lot of unsuspecting people bought bags. how awful for them!
  11. I know, seriously. I really hope the bags are authentic or that they don't try to stand by the authenticity story if they are fake. I really hope they do the right thing here....bamboozling as bunch of innocent buyers is VERY heinous and I think we should raise a big stink if the bags are proven fake and they don't recall them or do something about their mistake.
  12. Wow, that's crazy!! I hope Bluefly acts fast and gets to the bottom of this. I think in the meantime they should pull these off the site.
  13. I had placed a bbag order this morning that I wound up cancelling. When I decided to cancel the order, the second rep I spoke with told me the same thing that's been posted here: that the bags come from authorized balenciaga retailers, and that the bags came with authenticity cards. However, what I was being told was the canned speach I got the first time I called them to tell them I was concerned about the authenticity of what I was sold.
  14. that's the exact bag i purchased the other day and cancelled last night :sad: