New Bluefly Contest: Anyone Have Any Good Codes?

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  1. I've gotten one for $15.00 off (big yawn) and one for 10% off, but I'm greedy. Has anyone else that's been playing gotten any codes better that they don't plan to use? PM me please. :tender:

    The one for $15 off is BLFLY15 if anyone wants to use that one. If you're looking at something right at $100, it's a pretty good deal, but on bigger ticket items (one in particular I have my eye on), anything 15% or better is sweet! :graucho:

    PS-It's also 10% off today, so a good day to shop Bluefly!! :yes:
  2. Missedyou111 15% Off . Use All Caps.
  3. Thanks, DBT, but I snared that one for an ADORABLE pair of Gucci flats earlier this week, so I can't use it again, darn it! :s

    Of course, speaking of those flats, I've got to throw some snaps out to Bluefly. The flats have gold buckles on them and there were some small scratches on the buckles. I was so bummed, because I got the last pair, used that code AND they were having an extra 10% off that day. I just called them about the scratches and they offered me an ADDITIONAL 10% credit plus free shipping on my order if I wanted to keep them. Yup, I can handle a little scratch here and there considering what they retailed for vs. the final cost with all these discounts. I'm such a klutz that I'd have probably scratched them myself just through wearing them anyway.:shame:
  4. Whooo Hoooo! Since I decided to keep the flats (boo-boos and all) with the extra discount incentive, I did what I was thinking about doing yesterday: I just got one of my good jewelry polishing cloths out and took a chance that I could at least minimize the scratches. Guess what:

    :yahoo: I was able to buff them out completely!!! :yahoo:

    Not a sign of a scratch! I'll still keep the extra 10% and free shipping they gave me though: compensation for all the pain and suffering. :graucho:
  5. 10% off -
  6. 3JQ2HTP

    $15 off 100
  7. SURVERY15

    15% off $100 or more!
  8. ^^^Doesn't work. :sad:
  9. Maybe she meant "SURVEY15"?
  10. ^^^That works, but it's only $15 off. I'm greedy I'm looking for a 15% code. :devil:
  11. I've manged to accumulate three 10% off codes. If anyone needs one, send me a PM and I'll give it to you. I'd post it on the forum, but since these codes are single use only, it gets frustrating when you try to use a code that someone has already used. I really, really hate it when I get that "THIS CODE HAS BEEN USED AND IS NO LONGER VALID." in the bright red font when you are ready to check out and try to use a code that one of us got to first.

    By the way, Bluefly is having another 10% off EVERYTHING sale today only, so with one of these 10% off codes, you can save some cashola today. I only wish I HAD some cashola so I could do some shopping. I've had my eye on another pair of Gucci flats and I'd kill to get my hands on them today, but I'm trying to behave myself after three major purchases this month alone. :shame:
  12. MISSEDYOU111 worked for me - thanks, DPT! Used it to score hubby a sweet leather jacket for the holidays!
  13. Worse case - you can use the 10% off and save more $ by going through ****** first (I think you get 5% there).
  14. It's not great but here is one for $15.00 off of $100.00+ purchase.
  15. Just got a 15% off this morning in my email: MISSEDYOU102. Enjoy!