New Bluefly 10% off Code

  1. I won this in their bag giveaway game this morning :smile:


    It would've helped when I was ordering stuff last night though! Hope somebody else gets some use from it. Enjoy!

    (or I could just buy more...:shame: )
  2. oh wow~! Congrats - I NEVER win those!!!!

    what bag did you win?
  3. Ahhhh no... Unfortunately there was no bag winning for me... It was just the code that I won lol. Or "won". More like a consolation prize!

    Man... Winning definitely would have been nice, though. I wonder if anybody actually ever has... I feel like it's a big joke and nobody does.
  4. Somebody here did win one of Bluefly's handbag give away contests. I remember the thread and the pictures. Just don't remember who or what it was. But there WAS a tPF member that won one!
  5. Somebody got this one. :sad:

    Any more floating around?
  6. thank you