new blue hobo

  1. Okay I got the new catalog in today and I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!! I want this Coach - New COACH SOHO SIGNATURE SMALL HOBO . Has anyone seen it in person??? Is the fabric blue and white or blue and silver? Do you know if it fits nicely on the shoulder and does not slip (I am rally crazy over that fact) I was thinking of purchasing it online BUT I want to make sure I LOVE it. Also should I get the small or the large hobo? I already have a small vintage tobacco leather hobo and it is the perfect size. And I think I am going to get the black signature carly..... Sorry I am rambling with excitement!!!! Okay ladies your advice awaits!!!
  2. that is the ONLY piece in the new catalog i really love!

    and i'm assuming it fits like all the other hobos...i don't own one, so i'm not sure. i would go for the large, personally! but if you already have one that's small and you love it, go for the small!
  3. i seen it ! to me it lookes like a light blue jean in color. i didn't try it on ,sorry !

    cha cha
  4. was it silver of white though. The description says silver but it looks white. Thanks!
  5. from what i remeber it had more white than silver !
  6. Thanks!!!! If I bought it online and wasn't crazy about it can I return it to the store? I am going "COACH" shopping on the 21st do you think they will still be available then?
  7. i think so ! i seen it at my local dillards dept store here in texas.

    they had it show cased with silver jewelry . i liked it ,but i dont wear enough jean or white to buy it .

    your fan,
    cha cha
  8. The silver just refers to the hardware :smile:
  9. I really love the blue.

    Always like to do the closeup - they have a brass chain on the leather Coach tag - that would really distract me. I hope the ones they have for sale will have a silver color tag chain.
  10. Did you get the catalogue in the mail or from the boutique?
  11. In the mail

    Thanks Sprinkles.... I figured it out after I made myself look dumb!!! LOL
  12. It's really cute!:yes:
  13. I really love that one too, it's one of the only things i do like.
  14. thank god I dont love it! I really need to enforce a ban..
  15. Oooh, its GORGEOUS!

    Haven't seen it IRL yet... going to my local Coach boutique tomorrow.