New blue for SS 2012 and AW 2012/2013

  1. Could someone please enlighten me what are the new blue and how they look like for these two seasons?

    I know bleu Lin is like ciel with more grey undertone
    I know bleu obscure is darker indigo with more black undertone

    What's more? Thanks.
  2. there is also bleu tempete - a darker blue-gray, the color of storm clouds.
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    There's also Bleu Hydra and Cobalt. The former is pretty close to Mykonos (IMHO); the latter is not like its name, it's not a bright, royal blue. It's a darker blue (almost like a really dark turquoise) . Here's mine in Clemence for reference. HTH.

  4. yes, forgot about bleu hydra. it's if you cross mykonos and bleu electrique together. it's definitely a strong clear bright blue.

    and cobalt is a bluer bleu tempete. both are really beautiful blue-grays.
  5. does anyone have a picture of bleu hydra? i hear it is stunning and have not seen it IRL.

    something between BE and Mykonos sounds amazing!
  6. photo is not available.

  7. anyone have picture of the blues?
  8. it's like a brighter version of mykonos, more vibrant than BE and no purple undertone. it's amazing :hbeat: you'll need something in it!! :hugs:
  9. image-4132782215.jpg

    Bleu Hydra
    (top is Bleu Lin, which is similar to the Celeste, Ciel, BJ family of blues)
  10. I :heart: Bleu Lin! After all the bright blues, Bleu Lin is a nice start for something light. A Ciel Matte Gator Kelly 25 w/Bleu Lin lining will be lovely.
  11. :heart: Bleu Lin & Bleu tempete :heart:
  12. I have been advised Lin and tempete Are only for SLG and hence not available for SO! Can anyone confirm that? TIA
  13. oooooh... i think so! thanks babe! :smooch: i can't imagine loving another color more than BE! i will have to speak with my SA :graucho:

    thanks lala! that looks absolutely amazzzinnggg!!!! :heart: need this!
  14. Blue Lin in swift was available for SO. My SA suggested it , but I had my heart on something else. HTH.
  15. Thanks LTC!