New blue box. has anyone seen this BIN799

  1. yes it's relisted, i think is blueberry.
  2. I am soo tempted but alas not now.
  3. The BIN is even cheaper now.
    I was eyeing that listing, but I talked myself out of it.
    It's so pretty.
  4. ^^ lol, me toooooooo :P
  5. Congrats, Aaallabama!!! I went back & forth over this BIN so many times (as I gather you did too) :flowers: I am saving for a City for my first Balenciaga, though (can't decide between grenat and blueberry). :shrugs: Anyway- it looks so beautiful...enjoy!
  6. aaa, congrats!:yahoo: what an awesome deal. enjoy!
  7. Good job, way to go! Excellent choice. That color is sooooo pretty!:wlae:
  8. awe, you gals are soooooooooooo sweet, thank you :love:...i was eyeing this baby for a week & 6 minutes before the auction ended i couldn't hold back any longer :yahoo:...i'll post pictures once she arrives home!!!
  9. Ws this Cornflower? If it was, I will cry:crybaby:

    But congrats Alabama!:yahoo:
  10. congrats, aaa! what a great find!!
  11. :yahoo: I'm so glad you gave in to the urge, aaa!!
    Can't wait to see pics!!
    What a great price, too!