New blue Box for engagement rings?

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  1. I saw this on Instagram but I can't find anything on the website or online about them changing the boxes. I wondered if any of you who are close to a Tiffany store/visit the stores often had heard anything more about this? The box looks beautiful. :loveeyes:
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  2. What a pretty box! I've never seen anything like that before!
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  3. Yes please let me know if you find out more about this box! I got engaged in December and still have to buy a wedding band
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  4. A Tiffany and Co SA from Canada said it's the new engagement ring box. Not sure if they are replacements to the suede box or just an additional option.
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  5. Omg I like this !!
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  6. Ahh it would be nice if you could have the choice of which one you want. [emoji2]
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  7. Now you can get a blue box inside the blue box. I think this is the nicest ring box ever.
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  8. I like the understated black suede box. It lets the ring do the talking.
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  9. Yes, the SA in Toronto literally took out the new box for my partner and I to have a look at. Apparently, Tiffany's is very excited for this box.

    I think it's very 'cute', but perhaps not as sophisticated?
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  10. I want this box badly!!
  11. I really like this box. I treated myself to a Tiffany 1/2 hoop diamond and pink sapphire ring for a milestone birthday last year and was really disappointed with the black velvet box - it's like every other jeweller's box. I'd love this box for my ring!
  12. I love this box!! :love: Wonder if it's for engagement rings only or all Tiffany rings... :graucho:
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  13. Oh I saw that pic on IG :nuts: the other day! It's soooooo pretty!
  14. I an so in need of the new box! I just may have to buy something to get it! Win-Win!
  15. Yes! I talked to an SA who said this is the only way to get one!
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