new blogger needs help!!

  1. so i just joined TPF the other day and can already tell i am going to spend WAYYY too much time on here...i was browsing around and noticed a post about someone looking for help finding online consignment shops listed was an eBay seller let-trade. Alot of people seemed to have bought from there and are happy. I have always been too afraid to ever buy a purse from eBay and was wondering if anyone who personally bought from there could let me know about how it went and also if anyone could take a look at either of the following bags and let me know what they think

    Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ ~

    its the monogram alum handbag or the black epi alma (the hardward seems to be discolored to me but i could be wrong and there is no padlock)

    let me know what you guys think ...all help is greatly appreciated !!!!!!