new blog w/ pics is up -- JapanLA

  1. They got some of the new toki shirts in -- order before they're gone!

  2. off topic but i still want a mushroom stool.
  3. I would get it too...but idk what I would do with it? LOL.
  4. I want the white gun shirt so badly!!!! Should I? Shouldn't I??? Geez!!!! Hahahaha can I go at least a week or 2 without throwing my money to Tokidoki?!
  5. lately I started looking at the friends w/ you stuff and she just got shirts :Push: I'm supposed to refrain from buying... I really want the piccolo one but I guess that'll be in a later batch?
  6. Probably not mamaxjam! lmfao...i know i can't -- i tried, unsuccessful :sad: IDK, I wanted that shirt as well..but I can't bring myself to wear a shirt with guns? lol.

    jenn - friends with you? hmm?
  7. exactly, closest justification was to make it my new vanity chair...hahaha and that's realllllly reaching.
  8. Hahaha that was me a few years ago.. but I don't know... somewhere down the line I changed. hahahahaha Is it horrible of me to want a tshirt that says "mother" (since I am one) on the front in some nice lettering... and then "f'er" on the back?! hahahahaha
  9. Does anyone know what JapanLA charges for shipping (in US)? I don't suppose there are any discount codes or anything?
  10. I feel the same way about the guns. I like the tank more because of the burdies :biggrin:

    and friends with you is an artist?
    I haven't really looked into it I just know they make cute/disturbing vinyls and stuff... The shirt w/ the colorful dots specifically but it's those shirts and prints right after the hello kitty merchandise :biggrin:
  11. it was ten for two hoodies to ohio
  12. They charges $6 for a bracelet, $7 for a hoodie+necklace, and $12 for a bag (insurance included) to NJ

    I dont think they have any discount codes...
  13. eejit - I really think the shipping depends on how much items you purchase and what kind of packaging she has to use. She usually uses flat rate boxes (I think). I really do not think there are any discounts.

    mamaxjam -- that's hilarious!

    jenn -- yes, no guns! lolz. It's nice...but I still do not think I could bring myself to use something with guns.

    socprof - the chair? noo noo you can live without it lolz. being an anti-enabler :biggrin:
  14. haha. I like the mushroom stools too!
  15. cute t-shirts!! i asked jaime last week how much it is to ship the mushroom stools. I wanted to get two for my kids. she said she didn't know but would probably be a bit cause of their size! i just told her nm, i'll try to go up there sometime when i visit my dad.. =)