New Blindstamp Question! What is This? Celtic Cross?

  1. Hi guys and gals!
    So I do know about the celtic cross, but THIS stamping on my fuchsia HAC is something new to me. Is this also a celtic cross? It has a circle around something that looks like a cross... And does this mean it's made by a master craftsman? Or just another craftsman who has a higher rank? I know it's rather silly of me to ask, but heck, trivia is always good :smile: HELP, Hermes experts! :heart:[​IMG]
  2. tresor - it's not silly at all - I have the same blindstamp on one of mine and have been curious too. I know it doesn't matter but I was blessed (or cursed) with an obsessive attention to detail and these things intrigue me. No one at my store ever knows anything about the blindstamps (one SA didn't even know what the date stamps were!), so they're no help.

    Maybe someone here will know if it's a specific craftsman's symbol or if it's just a new atelier, which could also easily be the case.
  3. I would really love to know.

    I have to agree that some SA's have no clue about date stamps. I wanted to verify the age of my black box and the SA said she had absolutely no idea. I wondered why I even bothered???
  4. LOL LOL now why cant our SAs read up as much as we do? *snicker.. to obsessive levels*
  5. 24 faubourg, where art thou? :biggrin: 24F usually knows these things.... HALP!!!
  6. It means that you have a bag by an "established craftsman" like a master craftsman.

    Look for this thread
    "Shooting Star" stamp vs. "Celtic Cross" blindstamp ( 1 2 3 4)
  7. hmm yeah i read about the celtic cross, but its usually without a circle around the cross, right?
  8. ^^TM--you are correct--the Celtic Cross is without the circle. I am very interested in finding out what this new mark denotes! Sounds like a question for Claude!
  9. Wow we have a thousand dollar question on our hands here! Something new everyday and hopefully someone can enlighten us with this boggle! This is deffo something to add to our Reference and Info guide!
  10. BUMP. We need to know!
  11. I have two Kellys that have the celtic cross without a circle. Perhaps this new one is a celtic rune:smile:
  12. My bolide has the cross, but not in the cool that you have a "circled" one!
  13. Isn't there a blimdstamp with a flower or something would that be the same caliber?
  14. Darn, I can't make out the shape of it.. but it's definitely worth checking out! I'm dying to know!
  15. Anyone going to a boutique please ask!!