New BLEECKER - leather or signature?

  1. Leather, of course!
  2. definitely leather!
  3. Ok, maybe I didn't explain why I was asking such a question.

    Actually I've never had a designer bag that is in leather. My other coaches were the signature series, and LVs were the, I'm really kinda worried how maintenance for the leather is going to be.

    Like can it lasts, does it wrinkle a lot over time...etc :sad:

    Thus, putting me in this hesitation to choose between leather and signature.
  4. I've always thought leather ages better and is easier to care for than fabric. I have ten-year-old leather bags that still look new. Now suede is another matter!

    Maybe it's because the signature fabric has been around for a long time now and I'm getting tired of seeing it. The Bleecker collection has beautiful leather in great colors and just seems more eye-catching.
  5. Leather!
  6. Leather, without a doubt. They hold up forever.
  7. Leather! coach leather is wonderful.....and very long-lasting too.
  8. I prefer the sig in this style. I like the contrast of the leather flap. Plus with flap you'll get that yummy Coach leather smell!!!
  9. i still say leather. leather is an all season fabric...i carry it in the winter w/no problems, in the rain with no's the one bag that i know regardless of what i'm doing, my leather bag is gonna be okay.

    i have bags from more than 10 years ago that if you didn't know were that old, you couldn't guess (other than maybe the style itself).

    so again, i say leather. i have a bleecker leather and would not trade it for the world.

  10. def leather!
  11. Definitely leather. Customer service told me today that the Bleeker Shopper may be in stock by the end of the week. I am waiting on the black. I have had a black Coach bag for 15 years and it still looks great, along with a leather backback style and the Patricia legacy that I will not give the age of out of loyalty. Their leather holds up great and looks better with age. My daughter's signature bags don't look as good after time!
  12. The bleecker leather is just yummy! I would definitely go for leather, specially since you don't have any in your collection. The bleeckers would be a great place to start.
  13. My first choice would be leather. The contrast of the signature fabric and the leather is really nice but the bag just looks amazing in all leather. You also don't have to worry about the fabric staining or getting messed up.
  14. Tks all!

    looks like I'm going for leather! yeah, checking out the wine and tan colour, just so yummy!

    Wow, those of you who had your leather bags for 10 years and above! Did you have to take extra care and what maintenance do you have to do?