New Bleecker Flap!!


Sep 22, 2006
I went to the boutique today and bought the Large Bleecker Signature Flap bag in khaki/coal. :yahoo: I tried on the Carly, the Signature Stripe and the Legacy Shoulder bag, but this one just sang to me. The drop is longer than Coach has done on many recent bags, which makes it much more comfortable for me. I'm not usually a big siggy fan, but this combination was just right. I wish the lining were something other than beige, but I can excuse that as the rest of the bag is PERFECT!


I have a new camera and a new computer, so I haven't mastered how to reduce file size in order to trasfer photos to Photobucket (dial-up). That's why there's only one photo for now.

Oh, and I hope she isn't offended by a public thank you, but a big, huge THANK YOU to mokoni for the PCE card. I plan to go back this weekend and perhaps pick up a few more things.
That is one gorgeous bag! Let's see modeling pics! I tried this one on and really liked it. The only thing for me is my sloping shoulders. The strap is a little too big...I really liked the feel of the bag on me, tho. Will that piece of leather around the strap dig into you? On the Bleeker Hobo, It HURT! But it was on a diff. place on the flap. Congrats!:tup:
The embellishment on the strap falls far enough forward of the shoulder so it doesn't dig in on me. It is just right!

After waiting forever for it to load, here is a picture of the lining. Boring, but the rest of the bag has so much interest that I can live with it. I just like fun linings - no one else sees them, but it feels like wearing fancy underwear!

I love it! I do like the lining too! I like lighter colors, even though you risk getting them dirty easier, because it isn't like reaching into a black hole! (I do wish they'd do some pretty floral linings though!) Anyway, great bag!
Congrats! I just got this bag today too, in chocolate and I absolutely love it! I keep prancing around in front of the mirror to check it out. It is a great bag and very comfortable. OK, I am being greedy here but I was thinking the same thing about the lining, I sort of wish they lined it in the same pink inside the Bleeker wallets but hey it is still a nice satiny lining. Enjoy your bag, I love the khaki/coal combo too!
Kimmi, you are SO right! They should have had the lining match the wallet! I think handbag companies in general fail to realize how much women appreciate a nice lining!
congrats! :tup: That is one hot bag! I was looking at that one too but Carly won me over because I like a shorter strap and that thing the put on the strap annoyed me :wtf: It is a beautiful bag and I LOVE the khaki/black combo! I also agree about the inside... coach needs to get some colors in there.. same with my carly!!! :yes:
I have that bag! *points down* It's wonderful, I love it, good to see someone else enjoying it! I like the longer drop as well and it's just sharp against black (but works on brown too!). And so roomy!
I wore the bag all day today and it was really super comfortable and light, I haven't had a shoulder bag in so many years, they are really easy to carry :smile: I know I already posted here :shame: but I had to say again how fab this bag is! Glad to hear I am not alone on the lining issue! Do the people at Coach really need us to tell them women like cool linings? Fushia would have caused me to faint.