New bleecker color? Strange photo on coach legacy boutique site

  1. This 'pink' looking bleecker wristlet doesn't appear as a color to order, but this photo is on the Coach legacy boutique website. Anyone know anything about this color? Might there be bleecker bags coming soon in this color? It's definately not the new 'rose' color of the new bleecker duffles.

  2. I saw it too and wondered about it. Sorry I don't have an answer but I'd like one!
  3. I would love to order that color it is so pretty! I wish I knew if it was a new color or not cause I would totally order it.
  4. I bought a mini skinny in this color during the last PCE (the last day so Dec. 29). My SA said they had just received them the day before and that they would be getting more stuff in that color including wristlets and a flap bag. I was in a bit of a rush so I didn't ask any other questions. Do you not have these at the boutiques in the USA yet?
  5. Not in pink! Can you take pics of it for us? And do you have the tag still? If you do, can you tell us what it says on it? Or even take a pic of it? Then we can figure out what the color code is and the color name from there!
  6. Ooh yes would love to know too and see pics!!
  7. I can't take a pic until tomorrow because the camera is charging but I have it with me and the tag is still on it. What info do you need?
  8. Probably the style number, name, and the color listed.
  9. There should be 4 letters that are the color code. For example a bleecker magenta bag would have this code for brass/magenta: B4MJ or rose would be B4RO. B4 is for brass hardware and MJ or RO of course are the color codes. If we have the item number and color code, we can call JAX and find out more information! :graucho: I'd probably call tomorrow during business hours, the daytime SAs seem to know a little more.
  10. Ok...this is confusing...the name says HMP MINI SKINNY (Doesn't HMP stand for Hamptons????) On the top part of the tag it says B4/Rose.
    Where do I find the style number? There are a whole bunch of numbers on this tag. Which one is the style number?
  11. Style number is under the name?
  12. Style number should be a 5 digits probably starting with a 4. That's weird that it's rose. Is it pink or a washed out red?
  13. Ok..I am going to type out exactly what is on the tag

    Top part of tag
    6K25 BKHRO
    sku number

    Bottom part of tag
    HMP mini skinny
  14. Pink...definitely pink. It is EXACTLY the pink in that photo posted above. It is NOT the rose that is currently out in the Bleeker collection. They are nothing alike.
  15. Did that help or do you need all the numbers in the sku number?