new black paige Kooba

  1. Hi
    Just bought black Kooba from Neiman Markus Last Call. Any One familiar with Kooba and How is It's Quality compared to other designers. This Bag is a present and I never heard of the brand.
  2. It's a great line of bags and you will LOVE your Paige. Congrats!
  3. Once you go Kooba, you'll never go back! I can only imagine that the Paige is gorgeous in black! You will love that bag for a lot of reasons...the lining....the hardware....the fabulous stitching....the substantial leather.....
  4. Gorgeous bag--congrats!!!
  5. I love the Paige, you've got a great present there, enjoy it!:smile:
  6. I have Paige in khaki color. Leather on the khaki is smooth whereas I think your black one may be textured. But the bag is so functional with the outside pockets on side and front that I find I want to use it all the time. I like to put my sunglasses in the front pocket. The soft fabric lining keeps them safe from getting scratched there. Cell phone, keys and glasses go in side pockets and everything is handy. Enjoy
  7. Beautiful! Enjoy her! :yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous bag, love all the pockets and buckled bands. I have it in cream.
  9. Wow what a gift!!! Enjoy that gorgeous Paige...yum!!
  10. i have this bag and I love her! you will not be dissapointed!
  11. It's a beautiful purse, congrats!
  12. Yes, congrats. The Paige is a great bag for all the reasons already stated.
  13. Kooba bags are really good quality and the Paige is no exception. congratulations on receiving such a great bag - what a fabulous present.
  14. Congrats on your Kooba. There are many of us here who have owned many Koobas, and rarely do you hear someone complain of a quality control issue or a manufacturing defect. Koobas wear very nicely and tend to be well-made and durable. And hey... they're pretty snazzy to boot. That's why we love 'em!