new black/grey damier

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  1. I just saw pics of what is next for damier - black and grey! i'm soo excited! i love the simplicity of damier and how it's not in your face but i never liked the brown. then azure came and it was awesome. now i have an excuse to get a new LV when the line comes out :biggrin:

    (i saw the picture on - today's post, he was posting pics from the mens 2008/09 launch.
  2. I like the grey/black but noticed on the video of the show that the bags had white handles... I think that would get dirty quick! IMO...
  3. i like them too, but i'm hoping for no white handles.
  4. oh, i never watched the vid. that IS silly. it would be better to have just black leather handles to make it flow better - like how the reg. damier has the brown handles.

    hmm - something to think about for sure. i wonder if it will just be mens stuff or if they'll make some women's bags as well?..
  5. I like them, but i prefer the regular damier for myself.
  6. i wan the new black damier..:drool:
  7. omg! i'm SOOO praying that LV will make bags for women in the black/grey damier!!! i'm with you on the brown...well damier in general. but if LV does come out with handbags for women, i'll HAVE to get a bag for sure!!!--maybe even two >.<! hahah i have a thing for black :shame:
  8. But on the ''Boys'' picture it has black handles...?

    I like this color. I hope for women's bags too...if not, I'll get the men's XD
  9. The color combo is stunning, but I'm not sure I'd want a handbag with it.
  10. I like the colour combo...and yeah, in the "BOYS" photo with MJ and shows black handles. Very nice combo, but it's more of a masculine combo IMO.
  11. I don't really like it, dunno why but i don't :sad:
  12. Haha, me too! :biggrin:
  13. total hotness
  14. I'd love this!!
  15. I love them but i hope they are not with white handels