New Black City with Spring/Summer 05 Leather?

  1. Hi everyone! I have been kicking myself for not doing the "Buy it Now" on Ebay for the Black spring/summer 05 city on Ebay a couple days ago. I do not live in an area that has any Balenciaga bags (on people or in stores!) so I do not get to see any of the new leathers. I have a sky blue city, indigo city, and bordeaux purse. I much prefer the leather on the sky blue and indigo but am dying for a black city. So, is it possible to get a new city that has leather like the older ones? Would I stand a chance of getting my "dream" black city if I ordered from Bal NY? Or, do I just wait around for another older black city to pop up on Ebay? I am still so upset I didn't do the "Buy it Now":crybaby: My husband thinks I am just a little bit crazy with my mourning over that bag; but, I know you all will understand! Any advice would be appreciated:smile: Thanks!
  2. I guess you should wait it out. Because the new black for fall hasn't come out yet and if you want it to be like the old leather the best thing to do is wait for an old leather bag.
  3. Hi there,

    oooh do you have pics of your indigo city? would love to see it! About black citys in older leather...keep looking on ebay....I've seen several 05's at reasonable prices come up recently....05's are easier to come across than 04 or earlier, but it happens...I would look on ebay and hold off on balNY, but some ladies here have lucked out with nice ones from 06. Don't worry, you will definitely find one!
  4. I really think you should wait for an 05'. I waited until I could get my hands on one and was definetely worth it. The 05' and 06's just dont compare. They 05' leather is soooo beautiful.
  5. Aw, iluv, we understand!! :heart:
    I saw that black city on ebay, and it was very nice. If you don't find any others on ebay, I think you should contact the Bal NY store to see if they have any right now that would meet your expectations. Though all of my bags have been from S/S '06 and after, I have been very satisfied with the leathers on my bags. Joseph (the SA that helps me) really makes an effort to picks out bags that you would like - especially if you're very specific in describing what types of leather you're after.
    Good luck, and let us know what happens!!:smile:
  6. I second what 'cate22' says about Joseph. I spoke to him the other day about getting a bag and he asked me exactly how I want it. Now I'm just waiting for him to find it. Maybe try calling him if you don't want to wait.
  7. I talked to Kim this morning and they have f/w 06 Black First. She said the leather is great, unlike s/s 06. I didn't ask if it's comparable to 05 leather.

    You might want to give them a call...

    Also, she mentioned that Bal NY has been selling a lot of black since not many other retailers carries Black right now. I'm not sure it's true or not. :flowers:
  8. Hi iluv,
    Don't feel bad! That was a nice bag, but a little over-priced, IMO. Black bags come up relatively often on Ebay, and because Black is produced every year, they tend to not go for such a premium, as with some colors. Several '05 blacks have sold over the last few months at pretty reasonable (for b-bags) prices. Keep looking!
  9. Here is a picture of my indigo - I hope! I have never posted pictures on here before. Thanks for all of the advice . . . If I do order through Bal NY would they be willing to send me photos of the bag before I actually purchase it?? [​IMG]
  10. When I spoke to Joseph the other day, I asked if he could send me photos and he said yes. He even said he would make sure its a large pic so that I could see it upclose.

    What a stunner! Thanks for the gorgeous pic! Did you buy this when it first came out?

    yes if you request photos they will send them to you....Joseph sent me a pic of a bag I was considering and it showed all the details...Good luck!
  12. I forgot to say I love your Indigo City! soo jealous!
  13. I saw a black City at my local NM. It almost had a green tinge to it, but my friend told me that that's how her black City looked (she had an "older" one, pre-Spring 06, I believe).

    Anyways, it was really "thick" and smooshy. I'm new to B-bags and just bought a spring 06 rouille city which I love b/c of the color. But now I get what people mean by the difference in leather!

    If you're interested, NM could ship it out to you. Their number is 619.692.9100. Ask for Debra--she's really nice and can help you out... Good luck!

  14. Jenn: Did you decide to go for the blueberry, or are you getting a different collor? If he sends you pics of a black city, would you mind sharing it with us?
  15. gorgeous bag!