New Black City - Leather Question

  1. Hello,

    Thanks to all ladies in the forum I discovered the City and finally purchased one. Since this is my first Balenciaga, I have no idea if the leather is considered dry and crackly. The bag is not as shiny as it seems in the photo with the flash. I am really concerned with the corners of the bag since it seems like it is crackly to me but I am not sure if this is normal. I would appreciate your opinions. Besides the doubts about the leather, I love my bag and can't wait to carry it.
    front with flash.jpg front no flash.jpg corner.jpg back with flash.jpg
  2. From the pic, your bag looks so delish! :drool:
    The leather looks so thick and with minimal distress..Which I personally love :nuts:

    I don't think your bag is crackly at all, in fact, it looks gorgeous!

    What year is this bag from?

    I don't think you should worry about the crackly, cos it is just the characteristic of the leather..

    So enjoy!
    It's a beautiful bag! :nuts:
  3. Thank you for putting my mind at ease. The bag is a 2008. I had a choice of this or the 2007 which was smoother but my boyfriend said that the 2008 felt thicker. I guess he was right.
  4. Congrats on your new bag. It's beautiful. :drool:
  5. congrats and enjoy. It looks beautiful
  6. Your bag looks great - just wait until you carry it a few times - it will keep getting better.
  7. CONGRATS!!! The leather look lush & plump to me!!!
  8. Your bag is beautiful and if you are like me, once you start carrying her you will really fall in love with her!
  9. No worries at all (I was very picky when I had to choose my own black ity in fw 06), your bag is a wonderful specimen, and I don't know how the other one was, but this one has gorgeous leather with minimal distressing for sure (I like them like this because I think they last longer) and it doesn't look dry at all on the corners you mentioned. What you see there is just an insert of a leather that was more wrinkly but that's about it. It's going to break in like heaven, and most likely it's going to loose some more shine over time.
  10. looking at the pictures i think it is GORGEOUS. it's exactly how i like my bbags (esp. a black city!) with alot of distressing.

    does it FEEL dry?
  11. thicker than 07 f/w? :drool: it actually looks rather smooth and plush, a little like 07! honestly, some of the bags many girls say are nice have dry corners like those on yours :shrugs: that's why i don't want to bother much about it when the quirks are quite minor. i'd just start enjoying her, really :yes: congrats!
  12. The leather looks gorgeous and plushy from the other black city's I've seen. cOngrats~!
  13. The leather looks just fine. Don't worry. CONGRATS!!
  14. YUMMY! The leather looks amazing and it looks like my 07 Black City! Wear it and you will be hooked forever:love::heart::heart:
  15. Congrats, it looks gorgeous!