NEW Black Bowling on Ebay - BIN $1225 :-)

  1. Are the straps long enough to fit comfortably over the shoulder on this style? Also, what is the retail price of this style? I don't see the price on ateliernaff.
  2. Disregard my prior questions as I just noticed another post showing the bag being worn and comment on fitting over the shoulder....
  3. l_b, not to sound like a weirdo or anything...but you should add the pic of you wearing it. You really make the bag look great!

    Good luck!
  4. I will add a pic...Thank you !
  5. Good luck, l_b!
  6. good luck l_b. it is a gorgeous bag
  7. I hope to sell it because my SA called today.. the mini-bowling in greige is arrived... she say that is gorgeous...and i want to buy it..
    Should i lower the price of the bowling to sell it quickly?
  8. ^ you can't just exchange the black bowling for the greige?
  9. I've just exchanged a greige twiggy for the black bowling.... i can't ask to exchange again.. i'm crazy
  10. Wow - I'm really loving this bag. Good luck with the sale l_b - although it wont hurt to try to exchange again. The SA knows your a great client and that you'll be back in the future. Give it a go!

    PS - I'm busting to see the mini-bowling too!
  11. wow, that bowling bag is TDF & you should totally try to exchange it again :yes:...the nyc b-bag store allows 2 exchanges before they cut you off (i know because i've done it!!!) :P
  12. exchange it! dont worry about seeming weird, it's not that bid of a deal.
  13. exactly, when you're paying over $1K for something, you shouldn't feel weird or bad or embarrassed about it at all :yes: