New Birkins at Decades--08/14/08

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  1. Thanks for posting this asa! I just drove by there last night but they were closed. A reason to go back to Melrose! :smile:
  2. Oh man! A 30 in raisin! I hate bag bans!
  3. Thanks for sharing the tip! The Indigo Birdie sounds interesting.....! I hope a TPFer gets it!
  4. According to the Decades blog, the Indigo ostrich 35 is already sold, the Raisin 30 is still available. They will be posting a 40 black fjord and a 25 red croc sometime today.
  5. The raisin Birkin hardly looks raisin at all?!? :confused1: Looks more like rouge H or some shade of reddish brown (not prune).
  6. They just added the latest one to their site - 25 cm red Niloticus Crocodile Birkin. :woohoo:
  7. I went to Decades today and I agree with Roxane, the color does not look like raisin IRL. It is definitely some other reddish brown color.

    I also inquired about the price of the 40cm black birkin w/GHW ($10,500) and the 25cm red croco birkin ($30,000)
  8. I agree, Roxane. Definitely not Raisin.

    Thanks for sharing, Asa.
  9. Does anyone know the price of the "raisin" birkin?? TIA!