New Birkin!

  1. I got my first Birkin last week! 35 raisin clemence with palladium. When I first approached this Hermes branch, I remember the SA said (twice!) that the waitlist has been closed for years. She nicely let me jot down my preferences (just in case, she said). And last Monday, I got a very exciting call!

    I'll post photos as soon as I can! I can't express how much I LOVE my Birkin. It's gorgeous and I think it really suits my style. :heart:

    I was wondering if you ladies also experienced any differences between "expectation" and "reality" (positive or negative). For me:
    1. much much lighter than I thought
    2. fits loads more
    3. amazing details (like the little H on the zipper)
    4. colour is much richer than I thought, and has such depth that it's different shades in different light/angles
    5. the leather is so fragrant!

    I'm getting very excited to think about silly things like:
    1. how to hang the clochette
    2. organizing the interiour
    3. buying a key holder as to not scratch the interiour
    4. carrying its raincoat everywhere?
    5. right strap over left, or left over right.
    Ok yes, these are very silly (but very fun things to worry about!)...

    Any opinions would be much appreciated!
  2. Congratulations! That is so exciting! Cannot wait to see pics of your beautiful new birkin!

    I cannot wait to experience that one day!!!
  3. congrats, the suspense of seeing pictures is killing me!
  4. oh do show the pictures! i am so happy for you!!!
  5. Congratulations on your birkin. Raisin is such a fabulous color!

    - I hang the clochette on the right side of the handle ... halfway hanging with the lock.
    - I do have an old key holder so as not to scratch the inside of ALL my bags
    - I carry the raincoat just in case it pours down really heavily

    Pics please!
  6. CONGRATS!!! Can't wait to see a pic! I don't use the raincoat, just carry a large plastic grocery bag folded up inside.
  7. i love this post. i love your list. i love how you are enjoying/discovering your wonderful bag.
    i have a raisin clemence shoulder bag. it's a wonderful color/leather.
    please please please buy a key pouch! i have never left home without one since getting an hermes.
    if you look at another thread about leathers and weathers, i posted about how well clemence holds up with rain. an umbrella is a good idea though. ;)
  8. Congrats to you!:drinks: Looking forward to seeing pics!:yahoo:
  9. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Please, when you get a as many pics as you can!!!!! Raisen is such a lovely color and can go with just about everything!

    Enjoy your new beauty! I remember breathing that lucious leather smell every morning when I woke up for weeks....I kept my new Kelly on my dresser so I could see her first thing when I woke up.....

  10. Congrats!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I know the feeling!! :love: :love: I just got first Birkin Hac last week and I can relates with your experience between "expectation and reality" .

    Enjoy!!! Can't wait for the pics!! :nuts: :nuts:
  11. are :lol: but yeah why not..:upsidedown: :lol: :shame: :wlae: :wlae:
  12. raisin sounds gorgeous! please post pics so we can see this beauty!! congrats!!!
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Congratulations! Your Birkin sounds beautiful! The story of my Birkin purchase sounds a lot like yours. I was on a waitlist, and I was told that I'd have to wait 2 years. However, 2 MONTHS later, my SA calls to tell me that someone ordered a blue jean Birkin (in clemence, but I wanted togo originally) that had just come in. Unfortunately for that customer, though, she couldn't take it at that time, so my SA offered it to me. I figured it was very close to the one I wanted, so I did:yahoo:

    Anyway...I'm in total agreement with your 5 opinions:yes: One more that I'd noticed: I used to think it was a bag to be worn with only suits, but I'm so surprised at how well it fits into my life, even though I end up wearing scrubs almost every day. And I'm so happy to be carrying it around, just like when I first bought it, even though I've had it for a few months.

    1. I hang the clochette like Victoria Beckham does in that photo of her in Spain with her BJ Birkin (the one in which she's wearing a sweater, no bottom:wtf: ). You can see this photo in "Stars and Hermes".
    2. I try to arrange the interior, but after sitting in my car and at work, the things inside get jumbled up a little (the smaller things can be harder to find when this happends, so I have my cell phone and Palm Pilot in the pocket).
    3. I don't keep keys in my Birkin, unless it's for only a very short time, like if I'm running to the ATM and will return to my car quickly. Generally, I keep them in my backpack (when I go to work) or in my shirt or pants pocket.
    4. I live in a city where rain is pretty rare, but when I know it will rain, I take another bag. A funny little story:graucho: : my work is in the middle of the desert, and it suddenly rained one day at the end of the day. Instead of taking my Birkin home, I left it at work (on my desk; I trust my coworkers, and I was the last to leave and the first to arrive the next day), and I took out my keys, cell phone, and wallet and put them in my backpack, then ran outside to my carpool buddy's car. The receptionist saw it and frantically called me, but my phone didn't get any reception at that time. When we came to work the next day, she sounded so worried and told me what happened. I told her I knew my bag was there; I just didn't want it to get wet:nuts: She joked that she wanted to kill me because I had her so worried and she was about to wait there for me for about an hour in case I turned back around and realized I forgot my bag:wtf:
    5. Not sure about this one. I guess I just carry the straps in whatever manner it falls.
  15. congrats on your lovely birkin. :yahoo: yay - finally someone scores the gold mine. comes to show you that you just never can tell...

    - my only birk is the JPG so i don't currently use the clochette.
    - definitely get a key holder! total must have in my book!
    - don't like using the rain coat. if it's pouring, then i use my EPI or longchamp
    - last but not least, i let the straps hang

    please post pics of your new darling "baby". can't wait...