New Birkin vs. Used Birkin

  1. Would you recommend buying a used, slouchy but great condition Birkin or find a brand new one that becomes slouchy? Please advise ..... :confused1:
  2. If you can get a great condition birkin....go for it. A lot of people want to unload. I'm looking for a gently used Croc myself.
  3. You and everyone else that I know are looking for a gently used Croc. (Including myself)
  4. If the bag is in great condition- go for it! Birkins are anyway hard to get and the prices are only getting higher.. If you buy an used one now, you'll get time to think which bag you will then want when you go and have the chance to get a new one. Good luck with your purchase!
  5. Unfortunately, used croc birkins aren't getting any cheaper... It sounds weird but the used birkins on eBay are actually more expensive than retail prices. So, the best way to get a croc birkin at a great price is still through the boutique, not a used one on eBay...
  6. if the bag is still in great condition and you can save at least 2-3k off of the boutique price then i say go for the used but great condition birkin
  7. When I was looking at purchasing my first Birkin I was offered a mint condition pre-worn bag by Luxwear (she had it on consignment and it wasn't posted on her web site yet, she sent me pictures) Rouge H togo with gold hardware. I turned it down so that I could buy a new one and ended up paying $3000 more for new. I do in a way wish I'd purchased the mint bag because I bought my Kelly only 6 months later and could have used the extra cash for that bag.
  8. I think you should be happy with your brand new bag even though you paid $3K more. My first birkin was bought preowned, supposedly in "mint" condition. Back then, I did not care that it was not new, because I was desparate to get my hands on a birkin of the right size, color, and skin. Although it is still beautiful and all, I can't help but wish that I would have waited out for a new one. After having owned two more brand new birkins since then, I now prefer to pay a few thousand dollars more for a brand new one. Considering the already high price of a birkin, I may as well pay more to get the best. The only exception that I would consider is the hard-to-get exortic skin birkins or kellys.
  9. You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, not many of us is as privileged as you to have been offered a bag of exotic skin. Thus, we have no choice but pay the resellers an insanely high markup.

    I have seen your collection of crocodile KP's, and they are TDF. I can't help but wonder if the reason why we rarely find any crocodile KP's in all the Hermes boutiques is that you took all of Hermes KP inventory:graucho:. I heard that Hermes makes a limited quantity of crocodile KP's each year. Am I right?

  10. Thanks for the feedback Christiflora. :tup: I've actually been considering purchasing a pre-owned Birkin that I know is available. But since I've never actually bought anything pre-owned I'm going to think about it a little more, maybe call my SA and see if she can find what I want new.
  11. Hi, I am thinking about this now, I am looking for a used birkin or kelly just so that it will be slouchy and I will not have to baby it, so my 2 cents is to look for a used one if you dont mind the fact it is used.
    If I could get one 10 years old give or take, I would be very happy.x
  12. Depends on price/condition. It should be way under retail for used of course.
  13. Hi this is totally subjective, but what would be the rough ball park to pay for a well used birkin or kelly?
  14. I just purchased a used birkin, that I know I would have to wait a couple of years to find in a boutique. I've been waiting on a confirmed podium order for over a year...and it isn't even exotic!!! Now, to the used birkin, it is a "seasonal" bag, and I got it for under retail.
  15. Jemznjewels has a very nice, very slouchy (if that's what you're after) black togo 35cm Birkin, GHW. The piping is in good condition, just slighty "squiggly" from the bag slouching down on itself. I hope that makes sense! It's a nice bag, though.