New Birkin owner 35cm orange


Hermes Convert
Sep 13, 2006
:yahoo: OH MY GA!!!!! Let me begin with . . . I have always loved Hermes bags but have never been lucky enough to own one. I have never started searching for them because the search just seems sooooo hard and I figured if it were meant to be, I would get a bag one day.

So my husband is in New York on business and he called me and said i am walking in to the Hermes store. I was surprised, since he has never been to any Hermes sotre. I hear him ask the SA for a birkin. She explains that the only one they have is 135+k croc with diamonds. He keeps asking if there was one in the back, she insist over and over no. So then he hask to see kelly's. She ask another SA if they had any Kelly's and then my husband told the other SA he wanted a Birkin and that SA said that they had 1 Birkin that became available 2 minutes ago. He then showed my husband a 35cm Hermes Orange birkin in swift. The SA put it on the Counter and 2 other men got in line and said "if he doesn't take it I will" Needless to say I have a new bag and it is a Birkin.

My husband returns from NY tomorrow night. I will post picks then. Any advice on how to care for the bag and/or leather.

Wow I still can't believe that I have am getting a Birkin 35 Orange swift:wlae:
:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
How exciting!! And how adorable of your DH!

I wish I could have seen that--three men inline for the same Birkin! And you got it! It is wonderful news and I hope the wait goes SWIFTly!!

Cant wait to see the pics, after you hug your DH, of course....
That's a wonderful story ... woohoo!!! Swift is a fabulous leather as it is squishy soft, can go in the rain, and the colors are nice and intense. Just take care of the corners as they might get rubbed easily when you bump them around.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! What a WONDERFUL Christmas gift and a WONDERFUL DH!!!!!!! Post pics as soon as you can......LOVE Swift leather!!!!