New Birkin Charm!!

  1. I got this a few days ago, didn't know if I should have posted it or not but I love this charm!!!
  2. now that's jewelry fit for a birkin!
    definitely glad you posted it. looks terrific.
  3. that's really cute! i like it, i'm glad you posted the pic!
  4. It's so chic!
  5. I love dressing my bags up!!! Lately I've been buying them more wardrobe than I have for myself.
  6. Wow!!
    I've never seen anything like that, it's soo Chic!
  7. Now That I love!!! That is so fabulous- especially on that birkin of yours!
  8. Darling!
  9.! :graucho:

    Did you pick each of the charms that hang on it?

  10. No, it comes just like this
  11. Love it! :heart:
  12. Wow, I love it too!!! Good buy Baggs!!!
  13. Very, very nice, Bagg! I love it! I'm kinda new to charms....just bought the Heart cadena and I have a feeling more's to come!!!! I love the way you have your's on the bag!!!
  14. I think it's HOT!!!!
  15. ohh,I like!!
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