New Birkin arrived !

  1. Special order just arrived today !

    30cm Vert Anis, mysore chevre, brushed gold hardware (lock too), and bleu roi interior !

    Wohoo ! :yahoo:



  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUNNING!!!!!!!!! Look at the lining inside! BIG congrates! I LOVE vert anis with gold HW~!

    Great combination! You have to get the Les Capucines pochette in the blue and green colorway!!! It would look gorgeous with the new beauty!

  4. Great idea ! I'll put it on my eBay searches. Thank you !
  5. WOWEEEEEEE!!!! That is like a big surprise that only you know about!!!

    I am thrilled for you on this one. Enjoy it.
  6. Oh My Gosh that is soooooo pretty! You lucky girl! Congrats!!

    Lisa :p
  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love her...... Fab Fab Fab!!!!!
  8. WOW O_O That is such a gorgeous combination!!! Major congratulations! I just love how you chose blue for the inside, it looks so nice! :biggrin: I didn't even know you could get that shade of blue in Chevre, I must remember this :biggrin:
  9. I. Want. That.


    Seriously, HL, it's a beauty! Congrats.

    What a great idea for an SO.
  10. WOW!!! I love it!! Congrats!
  11. HL...that Birkin is extremely Gorgeous and Fun!!
    Use it in the Best of Health!!
  12. Stunning hermeslady.
    Can you give us a closeup pic of the hardware?
  13. Wow, what a beauty! Congratulations!
    BTW, the blue/green Capucines pochette was in the Madison Ave store yesterday... perhaps it's still there?
  14. Stunning!!! :nuts:
    Congratulations! :yahoo:
  15. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :yahoo:

    WOW...that is one of the most STUNNING combinations I've ever seen!! And with that glorious scarf!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!