New (Birkin)addition to my Hermes family & Hermes family photo^^

  1. Okay...I got this black Birkin about a month (about 3~4 weeks (?)ago) ago. I haven't had a chance to post this new Hermes family member. I took pictures when I got this new Birkin. But, I have not had a chance to develope pictures for a while... Finally, I got the pictures today:yahoo: .

    This is black fjord 30cm with palladium HW, which my mom took it already! But she promised me that she would share with me:P !

    I also took Hermes family photo:smile: . Beige croc. shoulder Birkin, Fushia ostrich Birkin and Orange ostrich Birkin is my favorites:heart: :heart: ! In, fact, I love all of them!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to add two more croc. Birkins (Braise and Blue roi) to this family, which is on their way to ME!!!:yahoo:

    I didn't take pictures of Hermes wallets, scarves, RTW, watch, shoes and other accesorries...just handbags... I hope it comes out all right. My camera is not that good...So, a lot of times colors look different from seeing them in real life. Usually, it comes out darker than in real life. Thanks!:flowers:
    Picture 041-1.JPG Picture 040-1.JPG Picture 045-1.JPG Picture 044-1.JPG
  2. Oh, special 'Thank you' to sweetea! She gave me her Hermes SA name to get a Birkin from him!
  3. Congrats!! That is quite a collection - it must be fun to be able to share these lovely bags with your mom!! I really love that croc color!
  4. you have the most amazing birkin collection!!!!!
  5. What a lovely collection! :P I love fjord leather. what is the bag in the middle orange? in the second picture? I love all your bags! :love: btw, is your avatar also one of your bags?:flowers:
  6. YAY for you!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats on the new "addition" and great photos!!!
  7. aspen - such gorgeous pics!!!! i love your collection, such a variety!!
  8. wowie! you have such a stunning hermes collection! love all of them!
  9. I love the orange birkin, too...what are the specs??
  10. Congratulations Aspen! Your latest addition is just gorgeous! And thank you for taking a family portrait! Your collection is just amazing!
  11. Amazing collection- great that you can share them with your Mom.
  12. In the second picture, it is brick Birkin 30cm in vach liagee leather. In my avatar, this is on the way to me-croc. braise 30cm Birkin with palladium. My SA is hoping and praying (:P ) for me to have it arrived by mid next year...:tender:
  13. Both bags are amazing:love: the braise a special order? what hardware? I hope you get it real soon and post a ton of pictures. How does the vach liagee wear?
  14. I ordered croc. Birkins with palladium HW. Yes both my Braise and Blue roi croc. Birkin orders are confirmed orders.

    I love vach liagee leather. It is light and holds the shape very well. It has smooth surface, which I like it a lot. It is much more expensive than any other regular leather Birkins...don't know why. I heard that it is harder to make VL leather than other leathers.
  15. I've fallen in love with your collection :love: Amazing!!!!