New Birkin 2006

  1. I need to thank you all....I cannot believe how addicted everyone is.....and I am now addicted to the site.
    Here is the important part, my son (a movie producer-really!) who introduced me to the site (via a new girlfriend) already tired of me talking about how much I wanted to buy a new one....and he told me GO GET ONE!! So....I am waiting for "my" Hermes store to open!:biggrin:
    Your site is another the way, (I work for my addicition) I have 3 Birkins , black, rouge, and gold. I also have two Kellys, black and raisin.
    Then there are various unusual bags and colors.:rolleyes:
    I covet the Blue Jean....but will have to see what is available...have been waiting for bluejean for a long time!
    Any suggestions?:flowers:
  2. Welcome to the site! Hope youhave a lotta fun! Post some pics of your treasures when you have the time please, we all live through eachother here!
  3. Thank you for answering and welcoming me.....I have a digital camera bnut have no idea how to post pix....will try and get some help.
    I have some unusual bags such as the Market Bag and Kabana.
    I collect when I travel and am not thinking clearly about money.
  4. :yahoo: Welcome :yahoo:

    I am also a new addict here, and the ladies are great !
  5. Looking Good.....this is absolutely amazing to friends all think I am crazy.....but I never imagined women like many...and more!
    I have other purse collections, but Hermes is my favorite.
    By the way, you have/had a very nice sales woman at your store. She called me about begs after I went home. I like that.
  6. Welcome LSE!
  7. Thanks....leaving house now....
    Would love feedback on a color keeping in mind I have black, gold, and rouge.
  8. Welcome too!! And I love the pinks, potiron...and most any color!
  9. Hi! Since you have the classic neutrals, definitely go for something fun like Potiron or Blue Jean next!!
  10. Welcome LSE! I have a black and a Gold Birkin aswell, have you thought of dark brown ? I'm waitlisted for an Ebene Birkin (very dark brown) I'm totally addicted to browns, as everyone here knows by now..!?:rolleyes: so maybe I'm biased..I also like Blue Jean, but I prefer to it Thalassa Blue which I'm also trying to find, but is apparently very difficult at the moment..All Hermès colors are beautiful, it's just a question of whether you are a "neutrals" girl like me, or prefer bright colors...:biggrin:
  11. Definitely want a bright color...although I do have the red....I have orange in the Vespa.
    I am afraid to ask if there are any exotics much do the Ostrich's usually run?
  12. Welcome to the forum!!! I am really glad you found it!!!!!!

    Re: posting photos, it is quite easy! Just take some pictures and save them on your computer. Then add them as an attachment- and it will make thumbnails! Wa-la! I'd love love love to see your Birkins!!!

    You have found a community of Birkin-obsessed people!! :flowers: :roflmfao:

  13. Hi LSE, welcome!!! You're going to love it here, it'll be the first webpage you pull up and update everyday (that's how it is for me :smile:
    Also glad that you had a good experience at the Hermes store, which one did you shop at?

    As far as colors, I love my fuchsia chevre kelly, and I think fuchsia or orange is just TDF in Birkins too. So those would be my recommendations :rolleyes:
  14. Welcome LSE!! Glad you found the Forum...I'm so addicted like you and need to take pics too and post soon. Did you see the Asian Women thread? I love the blue jean Kelly so very much!! I'd say find a blue jean supple cool!!:love:
  15. Welcome! My first vote for your next bag would be fuschia followed by blue jean (especially since you love it) You need a bold shot of color in there. Have fun on the forum!