New Big hardware style, what do you think?

  1. Have you guys seen pictures of the spring 07 collection with big hardware (I saw it on atelier Naff)? Do you like it or find it gross and so 80´s?
    Idon't really have an opinion yet. I'm also wondering whether it's gonna make our bags look "passe" :wtf: if you see what I mean cause that's still a "substantial" change.... always like new stuff but then it always means I'll eventually splurge on it and like leave my older bags in their dustbags...
  2. Call me crazy but I like it...just VERY glad that they didn't make it a change, just an addition/limited addition. I can't help myself, I like the chunkiness!
  3. oh yeah that's true it's not gonna be the main collection so I guess we won't see them that much anyway (?? or have they already been spotted on so??)... I just "panicked":wtf: when I saw them cause I had just bought a black shrug, and that's chunky too, and thought maybe I should have gone for the new ones (plus I always like ltd edition item...), anyway they cost like 1000 dollars more than what I paid for the shrug so I guess that's ok
    Glimmer:are you gonna try to get one?
  4. How much is the "brief" anyways?
  5. here's what i think (lol!!!) :throwup: :throwup: :throwup:
  6. I really am interested in the brief style but not if it's got that blingy hardware on it - to OTT for me. Give me a few months though and I'll probably be all over it.
  7. A couple of my girlfriends who are not into Balenciaga thought that Brief looked hot. I'm very particular with hardware (I sadly can't even really do the current bronzed brass)... I love the tarnished silver. When I saw the Brief though, the size of the bag I think complements the size of the rivets. It gives it a more polished look... especially without the tassles.

    Less funk.
  8. i liked the white brief if its not too much more than reg balenciagas id get it...buuut its a trendy bag definetely not a classic
  9. At this point I'm not sure...I'm really anxious to see the pricing though and to hopefully see it in person.
  10. the big hardware isn't for me, but i could see other people rocking it. i hope you get it glimmer!
  11. You sound just like me!! My first response was ewwww!....but next thing you know, I'll probably own one!
  12. I don't like the new hardware. I prefer a more understated look.
  13. I really do not like that new big blingy hardware. :yucky: I'm soooo relieved that it's not going to be part of the main collection. I seriously felt ill when I first starting reading that thread. :throwup:
  14. i really really don't like the hardware. it looks awkward, and not even in a really interesting way!
  15. Oooooooo :nuts: ... I like it!!! However ... given the fact that the Barneys here in Boston didn't even order any Rouge Vif bags (other than the First) and NO bags in any of the Blue (Blueberry, Blue India) colors, I highly doubt that they would order this one. Man ... it stinks living in a part of the country where everything is so conservative.

    Better yet ... did you see the '07 Colors???
    • Natural: what, like the Calcaire color - uggh :throwup:
    • Truffe: DOUBLE-YUCK :throwup: :throwup:
    • Cafe/Marrone/Dark Chocolate: Numm-numm
    • Vert Gazon (Grass Green): WOO-HOO ... like the Apple Green; count me in!!
    • Vert D'eau (Water Green): Hmmm ... maybe like the Anis color? That would be nice!
    • Marine/Dark Sea: Who knows ...
    • Turquoise: Hmmm ... like the '04 Turquoise or '05 Turquoise?
    • Rouge Vermillon: Okay ... Rouge (Red) and Vermillon (Orange); like the '06 Rouille???