new BH

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  1. OK. So I bought the BH from LV over the phone and the bag came today. Im just wondering if there is supposed to be plastic over the handles because mine didnt? Also the little piece of card that has a little bar code thing and the name of the bag was missing? There wasnt a care booklet with it either. :confused1:
  2. Congrats on your new BH!!!!
  3. usually they take platic off before give it (send it) to customer
    also mono doesn't come with a care booklet
    congrats on your new bag
  4. Congrats on your new bag!!
  5. oh right! thanks for the info! :smile:
  6. congrat's on the new bh, not all new bags come with the plastic on them. At most store they take that off when they open a new shipment.
    as for tags and booklet, I have two tags no care booklet. the booket doesnt normally come with monogram stuff.
  7. hmmm. it only came with the tag with that has the materials on
  8. congrats on your new BH.
  9. Congrats! And that's generally all that comes with monogram bags (the material card). Anything else (i.e. care booklet) and you've got yourself a fake. :yes:
  10. I haven't ordered LV online or from another store, so I am not sure how they are sent.

    Congrats on the BH!!
  11. thanks for all the info :smile: i got my bag directly from LV over the phone so its not fake (i hope) :p
  12. congrats, enjoy your new bag!!!
  13. Congrats & enjoy, it's a great bag !!!
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. Love the BH...congrats and enjoy!