1. I just got this Balenciaga Besace messenger in black at Barney'son sale for $430 from $1050! I figured that it's a good deal, but I'm not sure about the style/color. Tell me what you think! ;)
  2. I think you'll have that gorgeous thing for the rest of your life and laugh every time you remember the ridiculously good deal you got on it!!! Congratulations - deals like that don't come along too often! You definitely scored!!! Enjoy it!
  3. wow, i wish i'd gotten that good a deal on mine :wtf:
  4. Wow, what an amazing deal! It's gorgeous, the style and color are great, well done!
  5. Great deal.. I like the bag.
  6. wow congrats!!! that's a really great deal!!! please post modeling pics!!!
  7. yes! model! I love to see the messengers modeled, they look so different on each person. Don't you just love a great deal!?!
  8. While I'm not a fan of the messenger style, I do love the color.....and you got it for an amazing price too!!!!! So if that style bag works for you.....keep it!!!!
  9. What a DEAL!!!! Great basic color and style...YOU SCORED!!!:yahoo::yahoo::woohoo:
  10. Wow you got a great deal. Congrats.

    I have the same bag..well actually DF has the same bag
  11. WOW ... congrats! That IS an awesome deal and the bag looks great!
  12. Congrats!! Modeling pics please!! That is a great deal and black goes with everything.
  13. Well, I'm not sure if I should get the dark blue instead.
  14. I think it looks great on you! Do you like blue more than black? If so, then go for the eBay one. Otherwise, just keep this one.