New Belted Ergo 11261...TOBACCO OR PLUM?? PLEASE HELP!



  1. PLUM


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  1. Hi, girls! My daughter has FINALLY convinced me to purchase an ALL leather Coach! I have had them in the past many years ago, and have since been in love with and buying signature. The new Ergo belted leather hobo, style 11261, is REALLY getting me! But, once again, I am stuck b/w TWO colors! Please give me your opinions on which color you prefer in this handbag and why!!! The plum or the tobacco!!! Thanks, girls!!!
  2. I just looked them up.. they are both beautiful but I vote for tobacco.. to me it is really rich and deep and pretty but has more character than the plum which is just more of a solid color :tup: Let us know what you decide!! ;)
  3. I love them both but I think if I HAD to choose I'd go with tobacco. That's the one I have my eye on right now. But I want to see them IRL. I love them both though, that's a hard choice.
  4. Boy, difficult decision! I LOVE the plum color, and it's different. BUT the hardware stands out better and the details of the purse stand out better w/the tobacco. Hmmmm......:confused1:
  5. I KNOW!!! They are BOTH such beautiful colors which is why I am having such a HARD time deciding!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!
  6. I voted for Plum. That shade is gorgeous and it's not an "in your face" purple. The plum will be a perfect shade for fall!!
  7. I like the tobacco one better and will probably get this one myself. I just like the look of it better and think it is more of a neutral color.
  8. Gosh, they are both gorgeous! If I had to chose, and it would be difficult, I would chose the is such a pretty & deep color!
  9. I would go for the plum. It's such a beautiful color and the gold goes really well with the deep purple. :tup:
  10. I like them both also!!! I think the tobacco could be worn throughout the year where the plum looks very Fall/Winter to me....if that helps! ;)
  11. I love the plum. It's a gorgeous color!

  12. Dittos!!:heart:
  13. Voted for plum and i'm hoping that the legacy shoulder flap eventually comes in plum as well.
  14. I would get the tobacco over the plum because I feel it can be worn with more things

  15. The Legacy shoulder flap is supposed to come in raisin and teal later in the fall/winter season.