New belt buckle style?

  1. Hello all, I was just browsing the US Hermes site to see if they had anything different to the UK site and i came across this H buckle that i had not seen before can anybody say if it is new? I personally prefer the wider H buckle myself what are your opinions on this style?

    Picture 1.jpg
  2. This has been around for awhile already, I think. But yes, I think it's a subtle alternative to the famous Constance belt.

    There are many new H belts by the way, for AW2007. If you get a chance, pop into a H store to check them out.

  3. It is not new, I've seen it around quite some times already.
  4. Thanks for both of your replies, mrssparkles are the new belts for AW07 the oval style that is also on As in the boutique these were all i saw along with different styles of the Constance, Such as dented, etc
  5. There are so many and I don't even know all their names.
  6. Ok,thanks for your help. :flowers: