new belt and shoes from catalogue...

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  1. Most shoes have been seen but I didn't hear anything about this new belt with charms. I like the mens shoes a lot!

    SL370148 (Medium).JPG

    SL370147 (Medium).JPG

    SL370146 (Medium).JPG

    SL370145 (Medium).JPG

    SL370144 (Medium).JPG
  2. SL370141 (Medium).JPG

    SL370140 (Medium).JPG
  3. I love those MC sneakers!
  4. Those hightops look interesting... but I agree, LOVE the MC ones!

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. LOVE the damier ones, totally hot
  6. I like a lot of the shoes for the S/S

    That is a nice belt!
  7. That belt is so nice. I want it!
  8. Thanx for sharing I am getting all 3 hitops Damier, Mono and MC:nuts:
  9. thanks for sharing
  10. Love the strappy sandals and belt
  11. I realllllly realllly want the shoes on the left in black. They're so low key and not too flashy!

  12. Lol, I hope you have small feet because I think only the damier ones are for men. I do like those the most!
  13. That's the model that didn't fit :sad: I wanted them in black denim. I made a post about them.
  14. I want my catalog like yesterday !!!
    Thanks for sharing the photos !!
  15. I really like the high tops!
    Will be trying on the Mono (:heart: the pink on them!) and the MC's. I hope these will not have a fitting problem like pinkgoldfish posted in her other thread!