New Beige WOC with 14B Taupe Comparison

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  1. #1 Jul 15, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
    DH bought this Light Beige WOC for me in Europe about a month ago. Doing a color comparison with my 14B Taupe M/L and trying to decide if I should keep it. The one thing I love about this light beige is that it's not yellowish in color like the other Beige Clairs. Any thoughts?
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  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468609328.417099.jpg
  3. it's lovey. keep!

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  4. I love how it has a pop of brightness to it. It can easily go with everything!
  5. i do love how it doesn't have that yellowish undertone to it. however, for me it looks a little pale. of course, if you like it definitely keep! it'll be hard to find this shade of beige again. it will be easy to match with outfits.
  6. It does really pop with black or other dark color clothing
  7. image.jpeg I think that the 'beige' m/l and woc are different enough in color and function to have both of them in your collection. The light beige color is pretty - I agree with you that it is difficult to find the right beige color. I might be a little concerned about the maintenance of light beige lambskin. I also have the 14b beige/taupe caviar m/l and a 15c beige caviar woc and love both of them. I'm including a photo of the two of them together. Good luck with your decision!
  8. Thank you so much! I'm so happy that someone else has the same two bags! I've been looking for the right beige Crossbody for a while and when my husband spotted this one, he knew not to pass it up. Especially since it doesn't have a yellow undertone. I was hoping for caviar but I do love the look of the lambskin.
  9. Definitely keep it if you like it. The light beige woc and beige medium are completely different in color! Totally drooling over that medium beige!!!

    Your woc is probably less yellow bc it's silver hardware. I have a m/l beige with silver and Jumbo w gold hardware and have noticed the one w ghw has a more yellow, warm undertone. Whereas the one silver is more of a neutral beige
  10. That is good to know! I didn't even think about the hardware effect. I think I'm going to keep her. I just hope she doesn't end up sitting in the box!
  11. Beautiful beige!
  12. they are both so pretty!!! i love neutrals so of course my vote goes for KEEP!!! :graucho: i have beige clair lambskin in m/l size and while delicate, not as high maintanence as people may think!
  13. Thank you for your input! I'm going to wear it out today! I don't want to be afraid of using it (I am like that with many of my Chanels unfortunately). I will post an action pic in a few!
  14. Both are lovely colors and not really similar at all. If you like the color definitely keep it, it's absolutely gorgeous!
  15. I completely agree! I haven't had any issues with color transfer w any of my beige flaps. I'm just mindful of not wearing denim :smile: