New Beige Tote Arrival & Family Pics!!

  1. AHHH! My large beige w/black tote arrived home today. It's a beauty:love: . The new member picture, the cambon family, and the slowly growing family :biggrin:

    Picture 003.jpg Picture 005.jpg Picture 001.jpg
  2. You're all set now!!!:biggrin: I love the large tote. They didn't have any on sale at my Neimans - good thing because I shouldn't be spending any $$$.:roflmfao:
  3. OMG, that is gorgeous. May I ask how much the wallet was? :smile:
  4. I'm in love with your collections! :love:
  5. The new member is lovely - the whole family is lovely! I just received my Reporter today and am thinking I need the tote as well. Um, NO! Enjoy it!!!
  6. Love your collection ... I have the beige medium tote and the black bowler but now I really want a pink one! This forum is very bad for my wallet:graucho:
  7. OMG pink- how many cambons have you bought in the last month?!?!?! You must be forcefully restrained (although not by me as I might try to steal your bags when you are, lol) :lol: I'm seriously jealous! Beautiful bags!
  8. Fabulous collection! Congrats!
  9. What color tote are you missing now?...UMMMM...Let's see there's the and the...I'm just kidding. LOVE IT!:graucho: :graucho:
  10. Thank you everyone! I knew the Chanel ladies of TPF would understand my "addiction." hehe.

    purseluv: I believe I paid close to $400 for the wallet (retailed at $565 - I got it through the Waikiki sale a month ago, before the Cambon sale frenzy begun)

    asl_bebes: I know what you mean, this forum is VERY VERY bad for the wallet. I've boughten three of my Chanel bags, two pairs of Chanel sunglasses, and the wallet in the past month and a half:shocked: . BUT, the classic flap and a pair of the glasses were gifts from my dad and BF so it hasn't been too bad. hehe.

    valleyoppressed: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE restrain me! I promised myself no more Chanel purchases for at least 2 full months!.. yea, we'll see how long that lasts!:graucho:

    aprild: Actually, I kinda want the white w/python and beige w/beige patent. BUT I.. must.. restrain.. myself...:shame:
  11. What a lovely family :love: Congrats girl!!!
  12. Thanks, pink_bai2bi. Do you use that wallet with a Cambon tote? Or is that overload?
  13. wow! your collection is really beautiful!
  14. Oh wow! Love your new family member! Congrats!

    I feel the same as you - I've purchased 4 Chanel bags in a month and a half...I NEED to stop! I am done....for now! :P
  15. did u get the large tote from Saks or NM?

    and yes, I think you are officially done with cambon LOL