New beige/beige patent large Cambon tote *Pics*

  1. I wish I had jumped on the Cambon tote when it was available in so many other colors! I'm loving how easy this bag is to carry without the chain handles of my other totes. If anyone sees the large size in brown/brown patent anywhere, please let me know! I've lost hope in ever finding it.

    This is a nice, neutral golden beige although it photographs on the peachy side. The pic of it sitting is truest to color. Also included is a photo of my Cambon family.


    The Cambon family:
  2. Wow, your Cambon collection is TDF!!! Loved them especially the Beige!! :tup:
  3. Cute Roey! Looks adorable with your outfit.
  4. Congrats, roey. Another fabulous bag!!
  5. Great family pic! Love your top, too!
  6. cute! I like the outfit you paired it with.
  7. I love the cambon I REALLY want one NOW!!!!! I just have to convince my husband.......:tdown:
  8. OMG! Beige cambon looks yummy!!! You look hot too!!!
  9. it's gorgeous!
  10. that looks great!
  11. Roey!! :nuts: It's here, yay! :happydance: You look fabulous with your Cambon tote... I really love this warm, neutral golden shade, probably moreso than the beige caviar leather. :heart: Your floaty cami looks awesome with it too! :tup: If I see the brown/brown patent large tote, I'll definitely let you know (we brown bag lovers must stick together haha). :p Enjoy your new "baby!" :smile:
  12. Very pretty! It looks great on you.:yes:
  13. Roey I think you purposely wore those shorts to rub in my face how insanely hot your legs are :graucho: loveeeeeeeee them, i want them!!!

    back on topic, your new beige/beige tote is GORGEOUS! it goes really well with your outfit!
  14. Congrats Roey, it is gorgeous!
  15. Fab bag and looks wonderful on you. Then again you look wodnerful all the time. :tup: