New Beige 09C Jumbo

May 30, 2007
congrats on your new bag C!!! please post pictures!!!

i MUST get this bag at some point. it's such a lovely beige!! :love:


May 1, 2006
HI ladies............Well, :sad:I have now joined the Exclusive Loose Stitch Jumbo Club!!:crybaby::crybaby:- Now, let me explain that there was one loose thread on one side of the bag which I noticed last night...the same issue others have posted, .NO BIGGIE!!
Since I know these stitches are easy to fix and get loose in shipping.,etc., but,
I had to take her back to NM today., since I had received a Gift Card for her, I could not just return her.....and they were having trouble prying her off my hands........, or I would loose the Gift Card., so my SA and the Manager found me another one which they are overnighting to me, otherwise, I will definitely keep the one I got and deal with the loose stitch........SINCE THE BAG IS 100% WORTH IT., but I really had a hard time leaving her has stolen my heart...:heart:H


Always Be Thankful
Jan 3, 2008
Oh no! So sorry, H. But I am happy they were able to find you another one since I know you don't want to lose the GC. I am still waiting to receive mine from NM and am terrified that she won't be perfect now as well. Please let us know how the second one is. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us...:s