New BEC Features?

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  1. Has anyone else seen the new features on BEC? After you choose a bag, it shows you what features of the bag are editable (zip top, tassel length etc) and which are not (strap drop and so on).

    I only looked through a couple of bags (Hug Me and Charm ME Mini) and it seems that for those, strap drop will now be fixed and unalterable:sad:

    I am wondering if you ladies have any thoughts on these? I am sure this makes better business sense and also helps to keep the style elements of the bag intact, but I am a little bit sad particularly since I just discovered what makes the perfect Charm Me Mini for me...(not that I need another or had intentions of ordering another at this point anyway)

    I rarely make modifications to my BEs and am normally happy enough to be able to choose leather, lining and hardware. But now having a bag with a softer base, I do hope I can still have that option in the future.
    I am curious - are there modifications that you routinely make on your bespoke BEs?
  2. Hmmmm ... I just checked it out. It doesn't seem like there is an option added again to adjust the length of the straps. Maybe it's an oversight? When they were doing the updating, I had noticed the option was no longer there and asked Jackie if it would be added back and she'd said "yes, asap". That was back on July 5th. It doesn't look like it's back there yet though. I can't imagine that they wouldn't allow us to make a change to the strap drop since that's what makes the bag "our own". Maybe it's just taking time to add it back in? I hope it's not gone as I like to make my LM Midi handles shorter (and add the extra zip .. which is still there).
  3. I do hope it's temporary! I am a die-hard handbag girl, so I love having the option to shorten the handles.
  4. I much prefer this new features feature :P, but yup did notice that some "old" extras appear to be missing, hopefully they can be fixed soon.