New Beau for Valentines Day..Help!

  1. So I have a new guy that I am seeing...what do you get someone for Valentines Day that you haven't been with for a long time (less than a month)? :confused1:
  2. I think it's cute to buy a guy flowers and have them delivered- they're never expecting flowers from a girl- just try and get a more "mascline" arrangement-
  3. I say something sweet. Maybe a little inside joke between the two of you that you may have chatted about. Just something personal, but not soooo clingy.
  4. A book of :heart: coupons :graucho:....
  5. Something cute & inexpensive linked to one of his interests - his car?
    You could put in something romantic & silly also Once I baked heart shaped biscuits that he liked - mad or what????? :yahoo:
  6. another thing you might want to get him is a cd. One that you put some thought into, like not just something from the top 40 list, but something that he might not ever pick out for himself - here's 3 that I think are great:
    1. Bossa N' Marley - Bob Marley meets Bossa Nova
    2. Brazilian Girls - Lounge-y music with a little latin vibe
    3. Nouvelle Vague - 80's neo wave hits redone in a sexy sultry fun way

    I think you can hear samples on By the way, any of those will go great with a nice bottle of wine for a sexy evening at home:graucho:
  7. Definitely nothing crazy... just a little token to say you've enjoyed the last month.
  8. things related to inside jokes are nice, maybe make him dinner that he'd like. it's sweet without coming off as "ohmigosh i love you so much already" :smile:
  9. I agree with the others you don't want to go over the top. Try something simple and sweet. Once when I had only been dating someone for 3 months and V day came around I bought him a big heart shaped cookie from Mrs. Fields because I knew he liked them.
  10. Make him a CD of his fave tunes?...and a sweet card
  11. Maybe you could ask his friends if he has any hobbies...
  12. Two Valentine's ago when my boyfriend have only been together for a couple months, I bought him a really nice collar shirt and folded him a couple hundred of those paper stars and put them all in a pretty glass jar...he loved the jar of stars more than the shirt.
  13. I like the idea of something personal but not expensive. Lots of good ideas in this thread!
  14. Awwww, how sweet :smile: Congratulations to you!!

    For a new relationship, I think it's appropriate to give a card (nothing like "IWANT TO MARRY YOU!!") and maybe a box of his favorite chocolates or maybe some movie tickets to a movie he'd like to see :smile:
  15. Good ideas. Really, anything to show that you've put a bit of thought into it. Make sure you skip the tour of the shrine to him you've made in your basement. Also, don't ask for a lock of his hair!