New BBags listed on let-trade

  1. I just checked out let-trade and it looks like they have some new BBags on there. Including a Violet Day!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
  2. Ohh, I've been lusting after a Violet Day, and that one is beautiful! Too bad they don't do layaway like RealDeal. Guess I'll just keep stalking RealDeal for a Violet Day!
  3. ^They do layaway! I have never purchased a bag layaway through them, but on their FAQ it says...

    Is accept layaway payments plan (installment)?
    Yes, we do accept payments plan. However, the item will not send out until the full payment has been made. All deposit is NON-transferable and NON-refundable.

    I believe they do 30 & 60 days plans.
  4. nice, got to check it out. I recently purchase 3 bbags from them, should arrive after the holiday.