New BBags in NM?

  1. I just thought I'd start this thread to find out if anyone has seen the new colors at any NM stores. Maybe we could use this thread as a way to let everyone know when/where we spot the new colors available for sale since most people want to check them out in person before ordering.

    So to those of you who have seen the new colors somewhere other than BalNY, please let us know.
  2. Just got back from Barney's! Was with my little one so I had to look quick! (I really went to check out if I could see the rouge vif)
    They had:
    Only one ROUGE VIF in the first!
    Greige- I can't remember what styles!
    Truffle- work and can't remember what else
    Oxblood- lots of firsts, work, one day/hobo

    They also had:
    INK- work, twiggy,box
    Rouille- box, twiggy,
    Lilac- work, box, twiggy

    Blue toile courier
  3. Why does it seem like there are so few "City" bags? Do they just sell out first?
  4. ^^^ I know- there were like no city bags!!!
  5. Addicted - thanks for starting the thread. :flowers:
    I got a call from NM in SF today, and the SA informed me that they just received a shipment of the truffle and greige in the city and twiggy styles for both colors. I am really anxious to see the greige in person, so I hope to stop by the store this week.
  6. LOL, Cate I just got my call from Whitney at the SF NM too. :smile: She also has the the Work in blueberry and forest green. And the First in black, and white.
  7. I saw almost all the sizes at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver in all of the colors except NO Red! I only saw the blueberry in the first, but the SA said they had more styles/colors in the back.
  8. heheheh...Yes, Whitney was the one who called me. :biggrin:
    I also asked if she can keep a lookout for the grenat. I'll let everyone know when I get the call!
  9. OMG *faints* NM SF already got shipments of new colors??? Last I checked with them they said "next month". OMG gotta go stop by and look :love:
  10. ^Ohhh! Hope to run into you one day there, hatikuh!!
  11. I will be going to NM in White Plains, NY tomorrow evening. I'll let you guys know what is there.
  12. Thanks Kat!
  13. Oh no...a lilac work...was the leather veiny and distressed or more squishy???
  14. NM in San Diego had no new colors as of yesterday... But I might stop by tonight. Wonder if they got their shipment since SF did...
  15. Ooohhh I hope so too! I'm thinking one of these days I'll stop by after work... :shame: