New Bbags from Paris!

  1. Here they are, the Sandstone messenger and a café city! :yahoo: And now I'm on a purse ban for the rest of this decade!!! :p


    I ended up wearing the messenger all week while sightseeing around Paris. It's a great looking bag, and I loved being able to walk around "hands free."
  2. pseub, congrats on your new Bbags! Your Cafe City looks particularly scrumptious...
  3. What a great photograph of you and your bag!
    I love the color of the cafe, I think it will be a classic color you can wear forever.
  4. Congrats on two gorgeous B-bags!
  5. I love your new bags!! Congrats!!

    OT: Are those the water lillies? I loved that painting when I studied in Paris!!
  6. Yummy leather! Congrat's it's gorgeous! I love Paris, seems like you had a lot of fun on your trip! ;D
  7. Yippee! I'm loving both of them! Congrats!!!!
  8. Wouah!!!!!
    I love your new bags
  9. So lovely! Congratulations, lucky girl!
  10. I LOVE them both:nuts:!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
    I'm glad you're having a good time tripping with your b-bags. When you get home, could you make a thread of assorted modelling shots wearing your Messenger? I think there are a lot of keen people wanting to see how it actually looks on...
  11. Sure. I'm downloading some trip pics right now, but as soon as I finish with that I'll take some more shots of the bag.
  12. they're both fabulous!:smile: ....why do always think of sandstones? tsk tsk tsk:p
  13. your bags are gorgeous!!! The pic of you and your new bag are fab!!!
  14. Your bags are gorgeous, however, I am a bit perplexed at how long that messenger bag strap seems to be!! :confused1: I wanted that bag in the worst way and the strap was too short. :crybaby: It looks fabulous on you. May I ask how tall you are??
  15. Congrats!!!!!!! The messenger fits you beautifully!!!:love::love::love: Both those bags are gorgeous~ excellent choices!!!!:heart: Have fun in Paris!!!!~ lucky girl!!!!