New Bbag style (07)? What do you think?

  1. Got my first Bbag today at Barneys. I never thought I would own one because I was more into the thicker, matte leathers Fendi and Chloe. But behold, the after Christmas sale at Barneys blew my mind the second year in a row. This year I got this Balenciaga for a great deal...definitely the winner of the bunch (last year was a $2,000 Fendi for 80% off...go Barneys!) All I can find is that its called the 182107

    I know this isn't the hot Bbag style everyone loves, but I would really like to hear your thoughts. Even though I got it at first because it was on sale, I really do love it. Sorry for the bad picture quality...its not glittery, I swear! Its shiny black leather; its about the size of a shoebox. Do you like it? Id like to get your expert opinion!
    IMG_2270.JPG IMG_2271.JPG
  2. It's really very lovely. Enjoy!!
  3. You dont think it looks maybe 1% like a doctor bag?
  4. If I was really reaching I would say perhaps a very modern and chic doctor bag, but doctor bag is not what comes to mind at first glance. I think your bag is gorgeous! Enjoy!
  5. I love it! I don't think it looks like a doctor's bag...IMO it looks like a chic, classy bag that is very spacious!!
    Mind if I ask you how much it was on sale? And if there were any more?
  6. It's gorgeous! Enjoy!
  7. I dont believe there were any more of this exact one on the sale table (I was at the Chicago Barneys this sunday am)

    You would die if you saw the gourgeous black Balenciaga winter coat with gold was originally over $2,500 and was marked down to $600. I had to beat temptation off with a huge stick not to buy it...I swear my husband would have killed me. It was a size 8 btw, ask for Ann or Q. Im kicking myself!

    Anyway, they did have about 2 other Balenciagas. They also had a 2 Givenchy in brown, a couple of Lanvins, and a Derek Lam Guinivere in black that I bought and am going to return. I paid approx $520 after tax each for both the Derek Lam and this Balenciaga.

    Heres the other Bbag I remember seeing...I think it was about $600.

    (I guess the link is an album...its the 186334 - leather and suede embossed...flip ahead to look 14)
  8. Oh, they had one of those adorable coin/cosmetic purses with the little silver dot, too. In forest green I think. Either that or black.
  9. it looks better irl! i won't say it's a doc bag (cos i've been wanting one for the longest time) but more a carryall or overnighter? it's timeless, nonetheless. and, even if nobody here likes it, YOU LOVE IT. that's what matters.
  10. I love it!! What a great non-moto style!!

  11. Thanks! I hope that 2nd bbag you saw is still there..I'll give them a call today :smile:
    btw I saw your other post about which bag to keep...and I think you should definately keep the bbag!!
  12. your bag is gorgeous! i love the classic styling.
  13. i think it's really gorgeous!
  14. BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart:
  15. Beautiful bag - enjoy - I like that shape - it holds a lot and doesn't look huge.