New Bbag Hobo- where do i put mirror

  1. Hi everyone,


    Anyway- the mirror is not attached anywhere on the bag, where do i attach it? suggestions pkeas?e or wher eis it meant to go.?

  2. The mirror is meant to go back in the box, along with the bag and shipped directly to me! Just kidding!

    I attached mine like an airline luggage tag - you know by threading the knotted tassel end through the metal loop (end of shoulder strap) and then passing the mirror through the loop and pulling until tight.

    Now, chickie J, go and get your camera and post pics for me to drool and dribble over!!!!!

    Congrats on such a gorgeous bag!!!!
  3. ^ thanks cal!! heheeheh when i read it i was like box?? hahah then i read the rest..will take pics. PROMISe * at work now* teehee
  4. Congrats! It sounds divine! Pics please! :yes:
  5. I never carry the mirrors...they sit in the dustbag with the extra tassels.....and I keep all the tags in the inside pocket. I use the outside pocket for my cell.
  6. ok well i 4got to post pics.. ad im at work again so i just took some of the bag... hehe hope u like them
  7. here they are
    26102006210.jpg 26102006211.jpg
  8. that is gorgeous!!!
  9. :nuts: Woooooow! That is absolutely stunning! This is the first metalic bbag I've seen that I like.
  10. amaziiiing!!!!!!! baby boo, congrats!!!!!!!
  11. It is gorgeous!!! I wish I could find a pewter city.
  12. OMG! That is amazing! Congrats!

    I always take the mirror off and store it with the extra tassels - never use it.
  13. HUBBA HUBBA! Congrats J, that's a gorgeous bag!
  14. FANTASTIC!!! :heart: *faints*

    I had my mirror tied onto the back hoop myself, with the mirror tucked inside. ;) ENJOY!
  15. Baby Boo - i love it! it's a great color for the style. congrats!
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