New bbag for a neutral/classic/cautious girl?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm considering getting a new bbag from the current collection. I have a black first, and truffle and bordeaux cities. I like neutral colours that go with everything and don't get dirty easy because I'm very low maintenance. I usually wear jeans or dresses when I go out and dress mainly in neutrals. I think the only colour I wear on a regular basis is purple or eggplant.

    What bbag colour from this season would you recommend based on my current collection and personal taste?

    I'm also almost considering the Step but I wonder if it will be too big on my 5'2 105 pound frame (even though I always wear heels).

    Any input would be greatly appreciated:tup:
  2. I think that the Violet is a gorgeous color that would go nicely with jeans or dresses. I have an Anthra City that is a great "go with everything bag", but they are difficult to find. Also, you can't go wrong with a classic black city.....they are gorgeous, go with everything, and dirt is not so much of a worry - every Bbag girl should have one!
  3. I'd suggest Anthracite for you.
  4. Plomb or maybe violet.
  5. are you particular about matching your shoes with your bags and the jeans? for classic blue jeans shades, i personally would use tan browns like sienna. for darker shades, i would use plomb as i usually don't match blue on blue. then there's bleu glacier that i personally think would go great with white and grey denim. bleu glacier's not a deep colour though so i don't know if you'll have colour transfer problem.
  6. anthra or black city..........
  7. i'd recommend's a great neutral...goes with basically everything. But i'd purchase it in the city style because the step was rather long/awkward on my 5'4's a great style for those tall people because they can carry the length much better; but definitely give it a go and try out the step for yourself.
  8. plomb or violet. I love the step (I have it in black). The step is definitely a more structured, 'dressier' bag IMO. I also love the city, which I feel is a more casual bag. Can't go wrong w/either style. Let us know what you decide!
  9. do you like blues? how about ocean?
    pine looks really lovely, there's a picture of a step in another thread
    vert fonce?

    I don't think that the step would be too large for you
  10. Plomb or sienna are both great neutrals from the current collection. I don't think the step would be too big on you at all, it's about the same size as a city :yes:
  11. I think pine and vert fonce might be good choices for you as they're very neutral but quite lovely colors. I think the step is a good choice--why not mix it up?
  12. plomb? or mastic? i have the plomb and it matches just about everything i have in my closet!
  13. anthracite or black....
  14. Plomb! It's a great alternative to Black! :tup:
  15. i vote violet step. it's definitely not too big! i think it would be a good size for you. and violet is surprising an easy neutral! i feel you have great neutrals and should diversify a little! good luck :smile: