New BB Evelyne--modeling pics-opinions needed

  1. Please welcome my new BB clemence Evelyne PM2 to the TPF family. This rounds out my H collection--a chevre rouge vif 35cm birkin, a fjord marron fonce 37cm bolide and now this for the weekends!! question. I'm 5-2, and when I got this the strap seemed looooonnnnngggg. It was like the bag was practically banging against my knee--it looked and felt wrong. To resolve that, I had the strap shortened two inches by H (no charge!). Does the new length look OK? It feels better, but I'm strangely obsessed with "is the strap the right length?" thoughts. I don't know why I'm so fixated on this and I think that your honest opinions would help!!

    Thank you!
    evelyne1.jpg evelyne2.jpg evelyne3.jpg
  2. for me the strap looks perfect congrats!! beautifull bag
  3. I think the length is perfect. Congrats--gorgeous bag!! I love BB clemence, so rich...
  4. It looks perfect on you :yes:
  5. yeah really perfect
  6. hmm...I'm 5'1 and I didnt find the original straps long at all, so the answer is: I think yours looks perfect also!

    btw you might want to wear it as a shoulder bag (with a twilly) if you want short straps.

    Anyhoo...looks fab. on ya!
  7. Perfect! On your hip, just right. Gorgeous bag, congratulations!
  8. It looks perfect! Love the color!!! :tup:
  9. Thank you all for easing my mind. Normally I don't dwell on such things, but this had me going! I was even thinking about ordering another strap and starting over.

    To all considering an evelyne--it's a wonderful bag! So soft and light--it was perfect for my day of errand running!
  10. I think it looks perfect!
  11. gorgeous! and i just love BB....such a great color!
  12. I felt like the same, the advice with the twilly works great that way you shorten the belt by half.
  13. ck21, I'm 5'2 as well and I didn't find the strap too long. I find that the length is comfortable as my clemence PM2 wraps itself nicely on my hip.
  14. Congratulations! I think the evelyne looks great on you!
  15. You look fabulous!!