New Bayswater, which one should I buy?

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  1. I received an email a few days ago about an upcoming Labor Day sale. I have always liked the Bayswater and asked what colors they had that would be in sale. After review all my options, I like 2 of them but can’t justify buying both. My husband bought me a new CHANEL classic in May for my birthday.

    So long story short, I need help deciding which color to buy. Rosewater or Putty?
  2. I say putty, but I do like the gold hardware on the pink. Was the sale for all online or specific to your store?
  3. The sale is for the mulberry stores only. I checked and they don’t have the sale. My SA sent me an email letting me know about their Labor Day sale on certain items. Let me know if you want me to pass on her info.
  4. I've got the rosewater colour of small zipped Bayswater and it's pretty pink looking in person; I'm actually returning it.
    IMHO a more neutral color like brown is more wearable everyday.
    Go with the putty!
  5. Which colour would go with your outfits more and do you own other bags in similar colours in your collection?
  6. the grey one definitely, rosewater is pretty but really not a colour for daily use! but get the one which is calling out to your heart dear!
  7. The putty one because it goes with more outfits.
  8. I prefer the putty.