New Bay East West Bowler - Pretty!!

  1. New Bay East West Bowler - I think this is SO cute!! Courtesy of goes for $1,875 tought. Will be waiting for the 08 end of year sales for this one as I got my last Bay for only $599.00.

  2. I saw this too and thought it was really cute. I generally am not a "bowler fan" but like this one.
  3. ooh - I like this one - thanks for posting! Another Chloe to add to my watch list!
  4. Cute... wonder how big it is in person!
  5. It IS rather adorable - isn't it??? Strange how many shapes and sizes the most popular bags are shifted into. There's something for everybody!
  6. I was in a Nordstroms just outside of L.A. yesterday and saw this bag on display.

    IT IS AWESOME!! I hadn't heard anything of it before yesterday. I walked up to it, picked it up and couldn't NOT let go!! The rich chocolate color is to die for. I love the sturdy handles and how it sits up on its own.

    I have the original small quilted bay bag in orange. I was actually carrying it at the time. They are two totally different bags (although my boyfriend would beg to differ)!! It looked magnificent with the outfit I was wearing yesterday (chocolate Jimmy Choo boots and a long dark dark suede trench). I walked around cuddling and cooing over the bag for about 20 minutes... yet I walked away empty handed:crybaby:.

    I have to go back and get it. I have too!!! It's beautiful IRL!
  7. Wow, where did you get such a good price on your other bay?
  8. It is very nice...
    I like the zips (well, I love zips in bags)
  9. I saw this bag a few days before Christmas in New York at Saks. Its very cute; a bit more polished and dressy than the regular Bay bags.
  10. Now this bay I like looks a lot slimmer sideways! I wonder what the dimensions are and what colours it comes in?
  11. What a cute bag!!! Love it!!
  12. Oh that's so cute... Do you know what colour will come with this bowling? I only saw the blanc one last week.
  13. I don't know where the OP got it, but I saw a Bay for 599 at Nordstrom Rack a while back. I still kick myself for not grabbing it! :cursing: