New Bay Bags Are Now On Sale!!!!!

  1. My SA just called and all the bays are now included in the Nordies 40% off sale:woohoo:. Call Nordies at Towson ask for Mary she's fabulous (410)296-2111:tup:
  2. thanks!
  3. :tup: !!!
  4. I spoke with a Nordies SA in California and she said they put more bags in their sale because the Chloe boutique in their mall had marked down several styles. She said this would be the last of the sales until June. I then called the Chloe boutique and they said close to the same thing and added that the Heloise likely wouldn't go on sale for at least a year, if ever. Just thought I'd share that (for what it's worth).:smile:
  5. Thanks Imon - I think. At least I now know that I have to save my money for the Heloise of my dreams. And pay full price. YECH! Even Sacoche doesn't have any - darn it.
  6. Told you that blankety blank Heloise would hold out, uggg. That beautiful red will not go on sale, it's toooooo hottttt. Darn it.
  7. Some of the Heloises are on sale. There's a post in this subforum with pics. However, it's not the N/S (of course).
  8. Hmmm. I called about that Heloise and was told it was NOT on sale. The OP said to ask for Peggy and she wasn't in and won't be til Monday. So, unless she knows something the others don't, I think it's a mistake. I called a bunch of Nordies and they all said "no way the Heloise will be marked down because it's the hottest bag Chloe has". I was even laughed at by a couple of SA's for even thinking it might go on sale. (no joke).

    I did score a red one last week at full price. Did I tell you girls about it?:graucho:
  9. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful".:roflmfao:(the Red Heloise)

    You will be lucky to find ANY red Heloise even at full price. I was told they are completely sold out by the Chloe boutique. I did see one (the small one) on NetaPorter (I think) last night. If you want one, you really should get it now.
  10. I think we will see red ones at those ebay stores for around $2000 while the regular retail is $1650 or so. I just will have to wait. Everything shows up on ebay eventually. Sigh.
  11. Are you looking for a specific one? Do you want the larger red? There is a smaller red on Netaporter. I know where there are still some black/brown if you are willing to pay retail. :p